We have recently started works on this site on behalf of Groundworks Middlesbrough. 

All works are scheduled to be completed within a six week period prior to the children returning for the start of the new 2014-2015 academic year in September.

We have to liaise closley with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure all goods are supplied and installed correctly in this short deadline. 

Are works to this site consist of:

Site clearance and excavations,

Edging and surfacing works,

Tree,  shrub and hedge planting,

Site maintenance for 12 months,

Installation of play underground tunnel with timber panels, walk and stetch, tight rope crossing, balance slalom and wobble board. 

We have recently started works on to newly constructed play area contained within a new housing estate on behalf of Turney Wylde Construction.

This play area has a large range of play equipment which requires installation from children play manufacturers Kompan and SMP.







We have been selected by Sunderland City Council several times to carryout improvements to different areas within this school.


Major improvement works were carried out to this school back in 2008 to the value of over £ 42,000.00 consisting of both hard and soft landscaping including installation of seating and play equipment.


We have been advised that they would like us to carry out the next improvements which are due to start shortly. 

This large scheme was award to ourselves back in December 2012 by Surgo Construction on behalf of their client Durham County Council.

Works were scheduled to commence in March 2013 for completion for the start of the following new academic year (September) to the newly constructed primary school based in Stanley, Co. Durham

These major works included

* Importation of topsoil including spreading

* Seeding works including amenity and wildflower 

* Pond creation

* A large variety of play equipment installation

* Construction and installation of raised timber planters

* Sand pit construction

* Seating and picnic benches

* Wetpour safety surfacing and rubber mulch works

* Planters and benches

* Cycle shelters and racks

* Recycling units

* Playground marking


In recent years Wharton Landscapes has carried out many improvements works on behalf of Sunderland City Council to upgrade the Primary and Nursery centres througout the city.

These projects vary in scope from site to site but for each location Wharton Landscapes, in cooperation with the city planners are installing a safe and educationally stimulating playtime.

Are works are present at

Diamond Hall School

Redby Primary

Blue Square

St Leonards

Fulwell Infants

Hillview Infants

Bishop Harland Primary

High View 

St Benets